Fabrication and Deployment of Artificial Reef

Artificial Reefs are manmade structures made out of concrete material in three different modules i.e Ring shape, Triangle shape and Rectangle shapes that are deployed at the bottom of the sea to enhance the marine resources and to enrich coastal biodiversity. MAPS-Madras Atomic Power Station as part of their CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility activity, in the year 2012 has initiated "Fabrication and Deployment of Artificial Reefs" to improve the marine fisheries resources and to enrich the coastal biodiversity in Kalpakkam and Mahabalipuram coastal region in partnership with PLANT NGO. In the past, with the support of MAPS, PLANT successfully completed the fabrication and deployment of artificial reef project in 17 fishing villages in Kalpakkam and Mahabalipuram coastal fishing villages.


There were 3450 reefs were deployed at the 17 fishing villages at Mahabalipuram and Kalpakkam off coast in a contiguous area near to fishing villages which was resulted in increasing of the fisheries resources tremendously in the near shore sea water where all the fishermen are conducting a sustainable fishing activity which is supplementing to the livelihood. Each fisherman gets an additional income upto 5000 to 8000 as an additional income when they conduct fishing operation in the reef zone. It was estimated that per month fish catch in the artificial reef zone may be around 3 to 5 tons which is value up to 3 to 5 lakhs of rupees. It was also studied through recently taken under water video shoot that the reef area always covered with verities of fishes, marine organisms and lobster with high level of biomass production and enhancement of biodiversity. The reef area always looks like a school of fishing and natural reproduction process is continuously going on in all the season which make the fish stock availability at all the time.


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