Coastal Biodiversity Monitoring

Our Organization is continuously monitoring the coastal biodiversity where ever there are coastal industries in our project area such as Power Plant, Desalination Plant, and Port etc in India. Our team periodically conducts sea survey by way of collection of sea water (Surface and Bottom), sediments, plankton’s collections and then analyzing in the laboratory. The chemical and biological parameters are analyzed based on the basis of ISO 10500 standard. Based on the major finding and result of the laboratory analysis we submit the report to the Ministry of Environment for the Climate mitigation activities. If there is thereat in Pollution, when result indicate the pollution is above the prescribed parameters, we immediately recommend to the government to take appropriate action and to instruct the companies to control their pollution. This is a mandate activity to the corporate companies which is enforced by Ministry of Environment for the Climate mitigation, Government of India. By doing these activities we are controlling the industrial pollution.


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Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring 

As like coastal biodiversity monitoring, our organization is also monitoring the Air Pollution, Noise Pollution and Stake emission of the industries. Our team periodically conducts the Air pollution, noise pollution and stake emission survey and the particles are analyzed in our laboratory. Based on the result we are recommending the company to control the pollution if it is exceed beyond the prescribed parameters. This is also part of Pollution control project activity for last five years we have been doing.

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